A concrete foundation resistant to 1 300 °C

rn19-concrete-foundationThe French company Botte Foundations, in charge of special foundations for the diversion  of the French RN 19 road, has developed with Cerib a fiber-reinforced concrete with a spalling less than 30 mn under fire solicitation to 1 300 °C for 2 hours.

Its formulation required a long preparation time. At first, a test of introducing polypropylene fibers into concrete has been led on site at the end of 2013. In May 2014, after a 6 months selection and fitness-for-purpose test in our Fire Testing Centre of 3 test slabs made of the RN 19 site’s formulation and 3 different dosages of fibers, the formulation has been validated.

“We opted for a dosage of 1.2 kg fibers/m³ of concrete that resists temperature of 1 300 °C and has a maximum spalling less than 30 mm” says Rudolph Andrieu, Director Works of Botte Fondations.

The first real scale test in a covered trench responds to a request of the Road Direction of Ile-de-France (DIRIF) to secure underground road structures.