Underground works – Civil engineering

  • Fire-resistance testing on tunnel lining segments

– Life-size testing, without cutting edges and without damaging reinforcement (5 m to 13 m diameter, all thicknesses, test specimens up to 6 meters long)
– Confinement representative of real conditions
– Earth pressure simulated by loading
– All possible fire scenarios, in accordance with standard NF EN 1363-1 and the guide of CETU, the French governmental tunnel research centre (ISO 834 standard curve, modified hydrocarbon curve [HCM], Rijkwaterstaat curve [RWS])
– Monitoring of cooling

Tunnel lining segments fire testing

  • Validation of tunnels with respect to spalling

Performed in accordance with the CETU guide to fire performance of road tunnels (Guide du comportement au feu des tunnels routiers – §2.1), with evaluation of the fire performance of small specimens and fitness-for-purpose testing of elements representative of the structure.

Spalling fire test

  • Multi-stage validation of optimized concrete mix design, in accordance with the design of the works

– Mix design
– Evaluation of fire performance of small specimens
– Evaluation of fire performance of large specimens under fire loading and mechanical loading
– Site instrumentation

  • Characterization and performance of cavity grouts

Development and adjustment of mortar mix designs, provision of a site team and fully equipped mobile laboratory, calibration of spray plant and equipment.

Cavity grout