Promethee Furnace

Promethee: an exceptional furnace
According to the National Fire Protection Association Promethee is “probably the best example of a structural testing facility which is currently available for large-scale non-standard structural fire testing” [Kathleen H. Almand – Structural Fire Resistance Experimental Research – Priority Needs of U.S. Industry, NIST Publication – Grant – January 2012]

Fire under real conditions

Confinement representative of reality
Customized support for management of boundary conditions
Stiffness-matrix control
Real-time calculation of forces to be applied (1 measurement per second)

Standard-fire tests: European standards (EN), US standards (UL), etc.

Tous les scenarios d’incendie sont possibles (montées en température conventionnelles mais également feux avec phase de refroidissement), avec des températures pouvant atteindre jusqu’à 1 400 °C :
All possible fire scenarios, with temperatures up to 1400°C:

Fire scenarios curve
– Iso 834
– hydrocarbon curve (HC)
– modified hydrocarbon curve (HCM)
– Rijkswaterstaat curve
– Eureka
– etc.



Life-size testing performed in furnace measuring 6 m long x 4 m wide x 2.6 m high (extendable to 6 m high)


Air-conditioned room

350 m², 8 m high, for storage of test specimens at 23°C et 50% RH

Air-conditioned storage room

Multi-directional loading

Multi-directional loading
20 vertical actuators:
– 1 at 300-t capacity
– 4 at 50-t capacity
– 6 at 30-t capacity

9 horizontal actuators:
– 3 at 125-t capacity
– 6 at 50-t capacity


Exceptional power

Total power: 16 MW generated by 18 modular gas burners
Furnace controlled by computer connected to 30 regulating thermocouples
All temperature curves up to 1400°C

Furnace power

Cutting-edge metrology

Inclinometer (±1 mrad) and displacement sensors (±0,5 mm)
300 measurement channels (up to 1 measurement per second)
Pressure sensors
High-temperature endoscope inspection during tests

10 HD cameras

with recording and real-time viewing (tests can be viewed remotely on request)

HD cameras

Check the Fire Documentation