Lepir 2

Testing with the Lepir 2 (2-level real-fire test setup)

Test rig for assessing your ranges of construction solutions for façades (in accordance with French ‘Technical Instruction’ IT 249): testing propagation of fire on façades.

Test rig Lepir 2     Facade testing

Well instrumented test facility

– Two rooms on two levels, each with two windows
– Spandrel representing level L+2
– Adjustable opening for controlling air input
– Fire source: two piles of wood (totalling 600 Kg)
– Regulatory temperature readings
– Thermal flux reading, anemometer
– Video recording
– Any relevant additional readings


Test in accordance with ordinance of September 10, 1970, complemented by a test procedure validated in June 2013 by CECMI (French Ministry of the Interior’s committee for the study and classification of construction materials and components with respect to fire risks).

Check the Lepir 2 test Documentation